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OXI lamps

Glass, design & innovation

Our latest products – OXI lamps: the glass sphere suspension lamp re-designed by MULTIFORME

This year we have enriched our catalogue with new lighting collections, each one with its peculiar characteristics and original elements.

The two collections that mostly represent the research we've done to innovate our blown glass lighting collections are the OXI suspension lamps and Hexigo. The two products are respectively the result of the collaborations of MULTIFORME with the dutch designer Angelika Barzilay and MOCA Design, a design studio from Milan.

The starting point to develope the blown glass sphere lamp OXI has been a common type of lamp – the suspension sphere. Starting from this premise, our aim has been that of finding a way to distinguish the OXI lamps from the other products of the same kind in the market.

The added value of this product is the handmade manufacturing of the glass: the perfectly geometrical shape of the spheres has been softened – there are some dents on the glass surface, this makes each lamp unique, since it cannot be reproduced perfectly identical to the others.

The OXI lamps have also other qualities: they can be used as modules and they can be customised. The OXI lamps are available in 4 versions, that can be combined together to meet the requirements of the interior designers; and it is also possible to choose from a wide range of colours.