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Chandeliers Rental


Chandeliers Rental

The chandeliers rental service by MULTIFORME® is the most competent.

Our chandelier rental service includes the rental of crystal chandeliers, Maria Theresa chandeliers and also Murano style and Rezzonico chandeliers. Our wide range of chandeliers, floor lamps and centrepieces in blown glass and crystal is the ideal solution to create highly scenographic settings for important events.

The rental of crystal chandeliers and Murano chandeliers, both big and small sizes, is ideal for events, weddings, private parties, fashion shows and exhibition staging. The rented chandeliers will arrive always on time, clean and ready to be assembled, with the electrical configuration.

In addition to the rental of chandeliers, we offer other types of products for rent: crystal fittings, floor lamps and lamps with a great stage impact.

To see the products available for rent, terms and conditions, and to receive a customized quotation, please contact us.