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    A tidy and regular structure which has been enriched with blown glass elements.

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    The blown glass spheres have been eclusively handmade by skilled glass masters.

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    The attention to details and the accuracy of the manufacturing characterise this lighting work.

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The simple, but at the same time refined design is what most characterizes the B&L suspension lamp, designed by MOCA design studio. The structure consists of a golden central column from which depart two regular tiers of glass arms, characterised by different heights.

The precious mouth-blown glass spheres composing this lighting product are completely handmade by skilled glass masters and enclose the light source which also enhances the fine glass details.

The smaller spheres in gold leaf and the bigger ones, produced using the “filigrana” technique, are alternated thus creating an interesting game of full and empty spaces and a perfect balance of shapes and colours.

B&L is a chandelier characterised by a contemporary and elegant design which, at the same time, presents elements recalling the Middle-European 20th century style. A chandelier destined to retain its charm over time.


Moca Design

Monica Cattaneo, designer, attended the “Ecole Bleue” in Paris and she obtained the grade of “Bachelor in “Design d’espaces” learning a multidisciplinary approach to the design world, never losing sight the quality of project and an attitude to a never ending search.

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