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  • Metropole

    This modern Murano glass chandelier has an essential line and perfectly balanced shapes.

  • Metropole

    A perfectly smooth surface, that exalt the transparency of the glass.

  • Metropole

    The gold colour is obtained by using gold leaf, thinly melted inside the glass.

  • Metropole

    An elegant and refined lighting work, realised with attention to details, as it is typical of MULTIFORME.

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Metropole is a modern Murano glass chandelier characterised by an essential line and perfectly balanced shapes. This classic chandelier has been stripped of any decorative element in order to enhance more the harmony of shapes.

Our main aim with Metropole has been that of highlighting the transparency and elegance of glass. All the parts of the chandelier are characterised by a perfectly smooth surface.

Just like many others of our new collections, we suggest Metropole in a variety of colours that matches contemporary furnitures. Metropole is also available in a golden version, a colour which is obtained by using gold leaf thinly crumbled inside the glass.

This lighting creation is also available in many other colours such as our dark gray: a transparent, elegant and refined shade. Metropole is a collection that includes many items, this collection is the ideal solution both for private and public spaces.

The remarkable dimensions of Metropole and the great amount of lights, organised on three tiers, make this chandelier particularly suitable to furnish big spaces, such as great hotel halls, conference rooms and other public buildings.






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