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  • M0020

    A combination of modern design and traditional manufacturing techniques.

  • M0020

    The frame is decorated with glass orange flowers, in contrast with the clear colour of the glass canes.

  • M0020

    A wide range of colours is available for the glass decorations.

  1. M0020
  2. M0020
  3. M0020

Antiqued venetian mirror. This product has a rectangular shape and a hand-cut wooden structure.

This is a mirror with a simple shape, the antiqued surface has not been etched. The only decorations are that in the glass frame: the crystal glass canes that compose the border of the mirror are embellished with orange blown glass flowers, placed along the whole perimeter.

This Murano wall mirror is characterized by the use of an intense colour for the decorative elements. Many colour from our palette are available for the glass elements; it is possible to adapt the mirror to different spaces, even minimalist and modern spaces.

This handcrafted mirror combines together classic techniques with a modern design: by changing the colour of the glass frame, it is possible to customise the product creating countless possibilities. A mirror that confers originality to spaces in which it has been inserted.

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