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  • M0036

    The decorations cover the frame zone, while the mirror is completely smooth.

  • M0036

    The upper panel is decorated with etchings, these can be customised according to the customer's taste.

  • M0036

    Flowers and leaves in artistic glass embellish the structure.

  1. M0036
  2. M0036
  3. M0036

Decorative wall mirror, Murano glass mirror with a rectangular shape, embellished by a double glass frame and a large upper panel. This is a product that reproduce the decorations and shapes typical of the venetian antique mirrors.

In full compliance with the tradition, this mirror is embellished with luxurious decorations, handcrafted using high quality materials and traditional techniques. The decorations entirely cover the frame area, while the mirror is completely smooth. This is a quite large mirror, that can be placed in large pubblic spaces such as lobbies and conference halls, but also in large private buildings.

If it’s true that this mirror is inspired from the classic traditional mirrors, it is also true that it can be customised in order to meet the customer’s taste (colours, size, decorations can be changed), it can even match our lighting products. The classic coloured proposed in the catalogue (crystal glass and gold leaf) can be customised on request.

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