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  • M0031

    The use of crystal glass and gold leaf reminds the classic tradition.

  • M0031

    Blown glass flowers and leaves marks the angles of the frame.

  • M0031

    The surface is decorated with etchings made using a grindstone.

  1. M0031
  2. M0031
  3. M0031

Large venetian mirror with a rectangular shape, a decorative product that reminds the classic venetian models, it reproduces shapes and colours of the venetian antique mirrors.

The rectangular shape is surrounded by a double frame, and completed by extremely elaborated upper and lower panels; the mirror has a wooden hand-cut structure. The borders have been decorated with handmade glass canes, some flowers mark the angles of the structure, the rich decorations are completed with decorative etchings. The mirror is totally handcrafted, this means that this is a unique piece of art.

In the catalogue the mirror has gold leaf glass finishings, but it is possible to choose other colours for the glass frame, to make the mirror closer to a modern taste.

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