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  • M0006

    The mirror is decorated by a double frame in artistic glass, crystal and gold leaf.

  • M0006

    The angles are decorated with little handcrafted glass flowers.

  • M0006

    Also the glass surface is decorated with handcrafted etchings.

  1. M0006
  2. M0006
  3. M0006

This Murano glass mirror is a high quality decorative object that reminds the shapes and colours of the classic venetian mirrors. This wall mirror is a quite large rectangular mirror, the colour we propose in our catalogue is the classic crystal and gold leaf, but other colours can be used.

The decorations are extremely rich and cover the whole outer part of the mirror; the peculiar characteristic of this object is the double frame, made of glass canes. The angles are embellished with little roses handcrafted by masters glass-worker. The wide mirrored surface is decorated with etchings of floral motifs, handmade using a grindstone.

MULTIFORME manufactures also bespoke glass mirrors: the customer can choose colours and type of the glass decorations, dimensions and shape of the mirror.

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