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  • M0009

    The peculiarity of this mirror are the unusual shapes of the upper and lower panels.

  • M0009

    These panels are decorated with handcrafted etchings, made using a grindstone.

  • M0009

    The glass frame is decorated with crystal and gold leaf flowers.

  1. M0009
  2. M0009
  3. M0009

Oval Murano glass mirror, a piece of art whose structure and decorations recall that of the original classic venetian mirrors. This is a decorative product of extremely high quality, completely handcrafted using valuable materials.

The mirrored surface of the upper and lower panel is decorated with handcrafted etchings, the border is decorated with twisted glass canes and embellished with blown glass flowers. The most common colours are crystal glass and gold leaf, they are classic colour tones and match different spaces.

It is possible to request the manufacturing of custom mirrors, choosing among a wide palette of colours according to one’s taste and needs. The mirror hasn’t large dimensions, and it can be place in small rooms. This is a precious piece of furnitures, a veritable jewel-like decoration.

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