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  • M0102

    This mirror has been deprived of the overabudance of decorations typical of the classic venetian mirrors.

  • M0102

    A mirror characterized by a modern taste; the only decorations are the artistic glass flowers and leaves.

  1. M0102
  2. M0102

Rectangular venetian glass mirror, characterized by an elongated shape. This mirror has a simple structure and simple decorations, nontheless it stands out as an elegant and refined product.

The wooden hand-cut structure is entirely covered by a mirror surface, the border is finished by a double frame made of twisted glass canes in crystal glass. The angles are embellished with handcrafted blown glass flowers and leaves.

This model can be considered a re-interpretation in modern terms of the classic venetian mirrors, but without renouncing to the use of high quality materials and traditional manufacturing techniques. After having deprived the mirror of the overabudance of decorations, the result is a piece of furnitures characterized by an international taste, that can match different spaces and colours.

This mirror is perfect to be placed in rooms with a modern taste, it contributes to embellish the space thanks to the brightness of the mirror surface and the artistic crystal glass decorations. It is also the ideal solution for the decoration of large hotels, and it can be used for project in the contract sector.

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