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  • M0101

    An elegant and refined product, simple etchings and glass decorations.

  • M0101

    The double frame is finished by twisted glass canes in gold leaf.

  • M0101

    The mirror surface is decorated with engravings made using a grindstone.

  1. M0101
  2. M0101
  3. M0101

This small venetian wall mirror is a quite simple decorative product. It is embellished by plain decorations, but at the same time is an elegant and refined product.

The delicate etched decorations adorn the mirror’s frame: the subject is a classic floral motif, the frame is finished with twisted glass canes, while the angles have been emphasized with artistic glass flowers and leaves.

The etchings are simple and yet extremely refined, they have been realised with attention to details by skilled artisans. This is a delicate venetian mirror, as delicate is the colour of the glass – crystal and gold leaf. But the colour of the glass can be customised according to the customer’s taste, by choosing from a wide palette, thus creating a more modern product.

The small size of the mirror allows to easily put it in small rooms; this is a little jewel-like piece of art, perfect to decorate both classic and modern spaces. Thanks to the plain decorations, this mirror can match different spaces, both private and public.

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