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  • M1003

    A combination between a modern shape and traditional engraved decorations.

  • M1003

    The mirror is made with attention to details, as it is demonstrated by the elements that cover the angles of the frame.

  • M1003

    The engraving are handcrafted by skilled artisans.

  1. M1003
  2. M1003
  3. M1003

This is another of the french style mirrors included in the Mirror catalogue. This square french style mirror evokes a modern and even minimal taste, without renouncing to the traditional engraved decorations.

The rectangular shape is a simplification of the traditional more elaborated structures, it has been deprived of the overabudance of decorations. The only elements attached on the structure are the frame panel and the elements that cover the angles. As it is for other models, only the frame is decorated with engravings, they are simple floral motifs decorations that surround the plain mirror surface.

This mirror is a combination of classic and modern elements, this allows to place the mirror in rooms decorated with modern furnitures, thus creating contrasts between differnet styles, but it can also be easily placed alongside classic furnitures. This mirror, as the others in the catalogue, can be customised according to the taste and need of the customer.

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