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  • M0011

    The mirror is decorated with an etched female figure, the frame is made of venetian glass.

  • M0011

    Only the lower part of the mirror surface is decorated with etchings.

  • M0011

    Some blown glass flowers, handmade by masters glass-worker, decorate the frame.

  1. M0011
  2. M0011
  3. M0011

This venetian etched mirror is a classic decorative product, it is characterized by a curvilinear shape cut by hand. The decorations are rather simple, they are inspired by the venetian XVIIIth style.

This mirror does not have a large size, it can be easily placed in small rooms. It has been originally designed to match the M0012-CK model, but it can also stand alone as a decorative object. It can be placed alongside classic furnitures but also in minimalist and modern spaces.

This Murano glass mirror has a simple decoration, less elaborated than other products of the Mirrors catalogue. The border is made of twisted glass canes, and it is decorated with blown glass floral elements; the only etched decoration – a female figure – is placed on the lower part of the mirror surface.

This is a rather classic mirror, but it can be customised on demand, choosing the colour of the glass, decorations and size.

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