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  • M1002

    The french style mirrors are characterized by engraved decorations on the frame.

  • M1002

    The engravings are handcrafted by skilled artisans using a grindstone.

  • M1002

    A few strokes are sufficient to create female figures and other subjects.

  1. M1002
  2. M1002
  3. M1002

The Mirror catalogue includes a series of venetian glass mirrors, these are all handcrafted products, made by skilled artisans. Most of the mirrors in the catalogue are characterized by classic shapes and decorations, but it is possible to request the manufacturing of bespoke Murano glass mirrors, by customizing the models in the catalogue according to the taste and need of the customer.

Some of the mirror in the catalogue are a faithful reproduction of the venetian french style mirrors, it is the case of this model, a decorative product characterized by the absence of colours and Murano glass decorations, and whose peculiarity are the engravings that cover the mirror’s frame.

The M1002 model is a mirror characterized by a complex structure, the external part is covered with floral engravings. The absence of colours allows to place this mirror in rooms with walls of different colours, alongside classic or international decorations.

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