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  • M0056

    A decorative product that combines high quality manufacturing with luxurious decorations.

  • M0056

    The blown glass decorations are handcrafted and fixed to the structure using nails with glass heads.

  • M0056

    The glass colour is crystal and gold leaf, other colours are available on demand.

  1. M0056
  2. M0056
  3. M0056

The venetian style large mirrors are objects that combine high quality manufacturing techniques with refined and majestic shape and decorations. Thanks to the use of high quality materials and to the competence of the artisans, this mirror can be considered a veritable piece of art.

This venetian mirror has an elongated structure, the rectangular shape is enriched by an upper panel with a complex profile, and it is decorated with refined engravings and handcrafted glass decorations.

This is a classic decorative product, perfect to be placed in rooms decorated with classic furnitures, both private and public. When placed in spaces with minimal or international decorations, this mirror contributes to create a peculiar contrasting effect.

The complex profile of the wooden structure is one of the peculiar characteristics of this mirror, it is emphasized by the glass frame. The colour of the glass finishings can be chosen according to the customer’s taste, a wide range of colours is available.

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