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  • M0040

    The high quality of the manufacturing is evident in this mirror.

  • M0040

    The etchings on the glass surface have been made by skilled artisans with attention to details.

  • M0040

    The frame is made of glass canes and embellished with glass flowers, the whole mirror is completely handmade.

  1. M0040
  2. M0040
  3. M0040

This refined venetian style mirror reminds the shapes and colours typical of the traditional Murano glass mirrors. Flowers and leaves decorate the frame, they are flawlessly manufactured in full accompliance with the traditional manufacturing techniques. The mirror is surrounded by a double series of glass canes; other decorations are etched on the mirrored surface using a grindstone.

In the catalogue this venetian mirror is proposed in crystal colour. This is one of the most versatile and refined version, that can easily match various type of furnitures and different wall colours. However, a wide range of colours is available for the glass finishings.

Murano glass flowers and leaves have been fixed on the frame using nails with a glass head, according to the traditional manufacturing. This is a quite large mirror, an elegant and refined product perfect for both public and residential projects.

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