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  • M0005

    The mirror is surrounded by a frame made of glass canes, the surface is etched with floral motifs.

  • M0005

    The frame is embellished with little handcrafted flowers, made one by one by skilled artisans.

  • M0005

    The floral etchings that decorate the surface are handmade using a grindstone.

  1. M0005
  2. M0005
  3. M0005

Venetian wall mirror with a frame made of artistic glass, coloured in crystal and gold leaf; the etchings on the mirrored surface are handmade using a grindstone. This is an object that reminds the typical venetian tradition, the frame is made of little flowers and other glass elements, flawlessly handcrafted by masters glass-worker.

Also the wooden structure is handcrafted, and the surface of the mirror is etched with handmade floral decorations. A classic taste product, perfect to be placed in rooms decorated with traditional or minimal furnitures; it confers a further touch of elegance to the space.

All the mirrors in our Mirrors Catalogue can be customised, choosing the colour of the glass, size of the mirror and type of decorations, according to the customer’s needs. In the catalogue this mirror is available in two colour variations: crystal or gold leaf.

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