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  • M0013

    A classic mirror, deprived of the overabudant decorations of the antique venetian mirrors.

  • M0013

    The crystal glass and gold leaf glass frame is decorated with blown glass flowers.

  • M0013

    The mirror is handcrafted using high quality materials.

  1. M0013
  2. M0013
  3. M0013

This is a classic venetian wall mirror, a simple and essential model with plain decorations. This mirror has been deprived of the plentiful decorations typical of the XVIIIth mirrors, but without renouncing to the elegance and refinement typical of these works of art.

The peculiar characteristic of this mirror is the curvilinear shape of the wooden structure; the only decoration is the glass frame, made of twisted glass canes and embellished with blown glass flowers.

The mirror surface is plain, completely without decorations. The lack of overabundant decorations allows to place this mirror in rooms decorated with modern and minimal furnitures..

The colour of the glass frame – crystal and gold leaf – is rather classic, on demand it is possible to choose other colours from a wide palette. An essential, almost minimal, piece of art of the highest quality.


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