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  • Nebbia

    Various decorative techniques are combined together, and then covered by a thin layer of semi-opaque glass.

  • Nebbia

    Murrine, glass canes, avventurina, zanfirico create a fascinating and luxurious decorative pattern on the glass surface.

  • Nebbia

    A unique work of art, with a high decorative and artisan value.

  1. Nebbia
  2. Nebbia
  3. Nebbia

Nebbia is an artistic blown glass vase. Its evocative decorative patterns are made using various techniques, while the base is made of monochrome glass.

Nebbia collection is the perfect demonstration of the creative possibilities of the artistic glass. The vase is decorated using various techniques: murrine, glass canes, avventurina, zanfirico are combined together and then blended on a monochrome semi-opaque glass base. The result is a fascinating and luxurious decorative pattern, crystallized inside the semi-opaque vitreous mass as if it was covered by a thin fog.

The decorations are tone-on-tone with the glass base, but the collection can be customised on request: the customers can choose other colours, according to their taste and needs.

Nebbia collection inludes completely handcrafted objects: each vase is a unique work of art, a valuable decorative and handmade object, made by skilled masters glass-worker.

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