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  • Anima

    Large murrine, embellished with avventurina, decorate the central band of the vase.

  • Anima

    Anima is available in various colour combinations.

  • Anima

    This vases are veritable works of art: unique and one of a kind objects, completely handcrafted.

  1. Anima
  2. Anima
  3. Anima

Anima is a collection of blown glass vases, decorated with large murrine and avventurina, and finally manually grinded.

This collection is characterized by an unconventional use of the murrine technique: instead of using small murrine, Anima is made with large murrine, blended into the glass mass; this large murrine cover the entire central band of the vase.

When blended in the vitreous mass, the murrine expand their shape even more, until they become abstract shapes that float on a neutral space. The decoration is enriched with the use of avventurina, that exalt and intensify the patterns on the glass surface.

Anima is a collection composed of unique pieces of art, each of them is one of a kind. The collection is opened to personalization, and can be customised on request. Anima is a collection of vases characterized by a modern taste, that doesn’t renounce to elegance and refinement; Anima can decorate every type of space.

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