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  • Wizard

    A sinuous and elegant shape, made of alternated trasparent and colourful glass canes.

  • Wizard

    The peculiar characteristic of Wizard is the extremely elongated neck, stretched to the limit.

  • Wizard

    The texture is made of alternated glass canes, the colours can be customised on request.

  1. Wizard
  2. Wizard
  3. Wizard

Wizard is one of our collections of hand blown glass vases. The collection includes a series of vases decorated with glass canes in alternated colours.

These vases are characterized by sinuous and fascinating shapes, their peculiar characteristic is the extremely elongated neck; to do this, the glass is stretched to the limit. A flawless manufacturing is thus required to create one of these vases, and only skilled masters can carry it out.

The glass surface is made by combining trasparent and colourful glass canes. Many colours are available: the grey and the white versions are the most sober and elegant, while the red and the blue ones make Wizard a more vivid and modern decorative object; other colours are available on demand.

As all the MULTIFORME collections, Wizard is a unique collection: each vase is a work of art, handcrafted and one of a kind.

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