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  • Bizantino

    A rich decoration, evocative of dreamlike atmospheres, covers the entire surface.

  • Bizantino

    Murrine, filigrana, zanfirico, avventurina and silver foil are blended together on a coloured base, thus creating a fascinating abstract pattern.

  • Bizantino

  1. Bizantino
  2. Bizantino
  3. Bizantino

Bizantino is a collection of modern Murano glass vases, whose surface has been richly decorated using various techniques.

This collection includes vases, with a simple, cylindrical shape; the standingout characteristic of these objects is their luxuriant decoration, evocative of dreamlike atmospheres. The decoration is made of murrine, filigrana, zanfirico, embellished with avventurina and silver foil. These are randomly blended together on the glass base, thus creating a fascinating abstract pattern, that is exalted by the simple shape of the vase.

Bizantino is a lively object, it can easily inserted in any setting and it is available in a wide range of colours: yellow, red, green, blu and light blue. The large size and the high decorative impact make Bizantino the ideal object to give personality to public and private settings.

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