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  • Modus

    The glass is worked in an unconventional way, it acquires an unexpected tactile value.

  • Modus

    These vases are handcrafted, this allows to create unique and high-end objects.

  • Modus

    The peculiar characteristic of Modus is the honeycomb texture of the glass, it is made with a grindstone.

  1. Modus
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Modus is a collection of Murano glass battuto vases that combine a classic and minimal shape with a modern texture.

The vases are first mouth-blown and then manually grinded. In the Modus collection the glass is worked in an unconventional way, it acquires a new and unexpected “tactile” value.

The peculiar characteristic of the Modus collection is the honeycomb texture of the glass surface; this is manually made, once the vase has been blown, using a grindstone. It is precisely this manual procedure that confers uniqueness to each piece.

The collection includes two vases of different sizes, they have been designed to be placed alongside one another. The amber glass is only one of the colours available, the customer can choose other colours from the MULTIFORME palette, according to their taste and needs.

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