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Artistic blown glass for restaurant and bar Waterreus beachpavillon Netherlands

Angelika Barzilay responsible for de interior design for this pavilion. The concept was to breath new life into the maritime tale of the Waterreus. The Waterreus is a magic place where a romantic legend dating back to the 15th century came to life. It tells the life of a man who was destined to live the rest of his life in the sea. Every day an innocent, young girl named ‘Mooi’ (beautiful) whose father lost his life at sea following a shipwreck, was sent out fishing to feed her ailing mother and many poor villagers. With each trip a deep gully was mysteriously filled with more and more of the most colourful fish rarely seen before. One day she sees the shape of a fearful giant rising ominously out of the sea.

The concept was to breathe new life into the romantic maritime tale of the Waterreus and incorporate it into the design. For this project Oxi suspension lamp design Angelika Barzilay in light blue colour has been identified to represent at its best in this concept.

Oxi lamp chandelier Beachpavillon Waterreus Scheveningen Netherland 3

The peculiarity of this artisanal blown glass characterised by a round, slightly elongated and dented form is its unique lighting creation and effect.

As a multitude of fluctuating drops of water, Oxi is able to enhance environments even in its single version but it is also the ideal lighting fixture to be blended together to create compositions following different tastes and creativity, combining the glass in different colours and dimensions.

Oxi belongs to the Progressive collection of MULTIFORME® and on the catalogue it is suggested in a milky white shade, but it can be realised in any colour in our range. Each of these suspension lamps is blown, completely handmade and every glass is different one from the other. Installed single or creating composition it gives a touch of uniqueness to every environment.

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