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Luxury villa London UK

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Modern and Classic design chandeliers for luxury villa in London.

This classic style villa on the hills near London is well inserted in the lush green that surrounds it and is the result of a recent renovation. In exposed stone and arranged on two floors, it is characterized by large windows on the ground floor which allows natural light to spread in all the rooms of the living area and gives a pleasant sense of continuity between the external environment and the interior enjoying a wide 360° outside panorama. On the ground floor, the villa has several rooms, very well kept and in a classic and contemporary style. To furnish these spaces, the choice fell on several modern and classic design chandeliers from the MULTIFORME® collections. The handmade chandeliers in Murano glass made in various declinations and colors are able to naturally emphasize the pastel shades of the walls and embellish the clean and rigorous lines of the classic and made in Italy furniture.

The big chandelier Chimera for the living room

This big chandelier Chimera is an expression of creativity, experimentation, evolution of geometric shapes. It represents a timeless design that dares and combines functionality and aesthetics. This sinuous and dynamic composition of glass listels is not only suitable for large rooms, but gives a special touch, as in this case, also to private residences, enhancing furnishings and accessories with design chandeliers. The Chimera collection reflects the trend of the 60s when art and design sought to integrate creative inspiration, talent, genius, with everyday life. It is a timeless work capable of furnishing any type of space. The big chandelier Chimera is an imposing work of light that illuminates the surrounding environment and furnishes it.

Handmade chandeliers in Murano Glass Edgar and Tourbillon

The kitchen and the dining area is a very spacious room. It has a very particular and high domed ceiling. Here 2 pieces of the 12-arm handmade chandeliers in Murano glass Edgar with a diameter of 115 cm were chosen in light gray color and stand out for their harmonious and balanced shapes. The structure is clean, and the elements are perfectly proportioned and realised with the "rigadin" technique, which allows to obtain a dynamic surface and many reflections on the glass. The unusual and refined final element of the cup, encloses the entire structure.

For the small dining room near the kitchen, among the wide range of handmade chandeliers in Murano glass from the MULTIFORME® production, it has been chosen the modern Tourbillon nsuspension in amber colour. The contemporary style, the large, dynamic and fluid sprawling shapes fill the space with lightness and vitality. A large sphere in blown glass acts as a pivot around which the whole composition develops. The handcrafted white organza lampshades have a simple cylindrical shape and complete the lighting work.

Swing 275: a collection of design chandeliers

"Sweet and clear is the night and without wind, and here above the roofs and in the middle of the gardens the moon sets, and from the distance it reveals every mountain calm".

With this poem written by the Italian poet Leopardi, we move to the top of this luxury villa where there are the bedrooms. The staircase, immersed in the pastel green walls, is in Victorian style and in white color wood. To illuminate this elegant staircase, one among the most majestic MULTIFORME® design chandeliers was chosen. The big chandelier custom made Swing 275 with 30 arms on 3 levels and 2 meters height is in smooth milk-white color. This chandelier has shapes that recall natural details. Entirely handmade in its simplicity, it is very elegant with decorative elements that wrap around the central stem and the lamp-cover cups, even if in stylized form, they resume the corolla of the bluebells.

The MULTIFORME® design chandeliers, either with a classic or contemporary style, manage to fit perfectly and enhance any context, be it public or private. In addition, the infinite possibilities of customization thanks to a deep know-how allow to create handmade chandeliers in Murano glass that make any room unique and exclusive and satisfy a clientele who loves and aims at beauty.

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