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Murano chandeliers restoration for a church in Bergamo.

When it comes to restore monumental, ancient and precious chandeliers, the experience, ability, and skills that only the glass artisans and masters own, become fundamental factors to determine the success of a restoration work as well as to faithfully reproduce broken spare parts of a chandelier. That's why this well-known church in Bergamo turned to MULTIFORME® to carry out the restoration of their great Murano chandelier which lights up the naves of the religious building.

It is a great 48 lights, double-tier crystal chandelier in perfect Venetian style, decorated with coloured flowers in vitreous paste and ornamental crest and details in light blue and red applied to rings, cups, pendants and final element of the chandelier.


As far as the restoration of ancient Venetian chandeliers is concerned, just like for this specific model, it is fundamental to respect the production techniques of the tradition and to imitate in the most accurate manner the procedures used by the original glass master.

Therefore, this is an extremely delicate task, which must be carried out by specialised staff, using the techniques and expertise that can be acquired only thanks to many years of practice and experience in restoration works. These are all skills that glass masters who work at MULTIFORME® own, and the results are visible.

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