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Murano glass extra large chandelier – Asti

MULTIFORME® is specialized in the manufacturing of Murano glass extra large chandeliers; the monumental chandeliers are often required for important public projects, to enlighten large rooms.

The custom lighting project that MULTIFORME® has developed for a museum in Asti is one of these projects. To enlighten the rooms of the museum, MULTIFORME® has produced some venetian style lighting works, including one multilevel monumental chandelier.

The quality of this Murano glass chandelier lies on its majestic dimensions, but also on the countless decorative elements – flowers, leaves, pendants etc. - that adorn the entire structure. Skilled masters glass-worker have worked together to create this piece of art. The decorative elements have been highlighted with some colours: while the structure is in crystal glass, the decorations are in pink and blue tones.

This extraordinary Murano chandelier, the true protagonist of the spaces, is not the only blown glass work in this museum: some matching lighting products in smaller sizes have been placed in other rooms.

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