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Swarovski® crystal chandeliers for a private villa in Treviso.

A work of modern architecture sorrounded by the green envinroment in the province of Treviso, with minimal furniture and squared shapes. A tailor-made villa created by following customer's requests. Two MULTIFORME® chandeliers of the CRYSTAL collection have been designed for this house: the first one, especially planned to perfectly fit into the staircase, is a completely customised crystal chandelier, while the second one, located in the dining room is our Crystal Dream R.

Both chandeliers, just like all the other products of the CRYSTAL collection, are completely handmade in our workshops with high quality certified Swarovski® crystal elements. These lighting products are also characerised by a brushed nickel structure which perfectly suits the white walls and furnishings. The light effect is simply amazing.

The great ceiling light which from the entrance lights up the staircase that take to the first floor, is a unique crystal project in full MULTIFORME® style. This chandelier is characterised by RGB led diffusers which can change the light colour thus entirely modifying the house atmosphere.

The realization of this project is a great example of how MULTIFORME® can communicate and interact, both from the technical and commercial point of view, with customers, designers and architects thus creating unique and top-quality lighting solutions.

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