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Wall lamp and contemporary chandelier for a flat in Berlin.

To furnish this flat in the heart of Berlin the client chose to combine our contemporary chandelier Space Age with matching wall light to a classic/chic furnishing style. The result is an extremely bright envinroment, where neutral tones are lit by a compact, cold and homogenous light creating an interesting contrast with warm shades which characterise this living space.

The handmade crystal glass ribs and their stamped texture ceate a unique optical effect, that can be fully appreciated only by admiring this special MULTIFORME® chandelier.


Space Age (a product of the PROGRESSIVE collection) proves itself to be once again the perfect protagonist for every home envinroment. It is infact a chandelier which is able to stand out and that, at the same, time blends perfectly with the atmosphere created by the sorrounding furniture.

Another peculiarity of the Space Age chandeliers collection is the great versatility which characterises this model. This product can be completely customised to meet the needs of any type of project.

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