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  • Absolute

    A lighting work that subverts the concept of traditional chandelier.

  • Absolute

    From inside the lampshade, a group of spheres of different sizes and decorated with various techniques goes down.

  • Absolute

    A dynamic chandelier, made of contrasting materials and shapes, that can be widely customised.

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An eclectic collection, the blown glass lamp Absolute is a lighting work that can be customised in many different ways. Absolute has been designed with the purpose of subverting the characteristics of the traditional chandelier, to create new lighting effects.

In Absolute the dimensions of the traditional cotton lampshade has been exaggerated. The lampshade constitutes the basic structure of this lighting work, inside of it the sources of light have been placed.

From inside this large round structure, a group of glass spheres of different sizes goes down. This spheres have been decorated using various techniques, such as the “baloton” and the “rigadin” techniques. The thin wires that support the spheres are almost invisible, so that the spheres seem to float under the lampshade.

An extremely versatile venetian glass chandeliers collection, that can be manufactured in many different sizes and colours. Absolute presents a close structure, but at the same time it is a lively and dynamic lighting work, made of contrasting materials and shapes.

The sources of light, hidden inside the lampshade, create beautiful glares on the glass surface of the spheres. An interior lighting product with a modern spirit, that can be customised for spaces of various dimensions.

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