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  • Folie

    Surreal shapes come out from the central metal structure and intertwine each other, as if they were tentacles.

  • Folie

    The truncated cone lampshades, neat and clean, contrast with the spiral glass elements.

  • Folie

    All the elements that compose the structure are handcrafted by our masters glass-worker, unique pieces for inimitable lamps.

  1. Folie
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The blown glass lamp Folie collection is one of our products that more distance itself from the traditional lighting works made of Murano glass. It is a lamp characterized by surreal shapes that comes out from the central metal structure and intertwine each other as if they were living tentacles.

All the elements are handcrafted by our masters glass-worker, they are unique pieces that composed inimitable creations. The twisted glass elements and the Rezzonico arms are fixed on a clean white structure that contrasts with the glass decorations.

The coloration of these modern glass chandeliers is based on a single colour. In the catalogue Folie is proposed in white tones: the metal structure is pearl-white, the encased glass is white and white are also the lampshades.

The resulting lighting work is an elaborate composition, but at the same time extremely neat, made of well-defined shapes. The tone on tone coloration also contributes in spreading the light in a suffused way, thus creating a magic atmosphere in the surrounding space.

This is a collection that can be widely customised, perfect to decorate the most daring spaces or to give personality to a minimal room. A lighting design fixture with matching products, such as wall lamps or table lamps.

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