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  • Marimba

    A unique modular element - a drop-shaped glass element - is repeated to create the entire structure.

  • Marimba

    A multitude of little bubbles, blocked inside the glass, contributes to the creation of glares, reflections and gleamings.

  • Marimba

    Not only a lighting work, but also a jewel-like chandelier that shines on its own.

  1. Marimba
  2. Marimba
  3. Marimba


The blown glass lighting work Marimba is one of our collections to have been designed using a unique glass element, a module that have been repeated to compose the whole structure. The module is a large drop-shaped element, placed on different heights and coloured in gold and silver.

Marimba is a blown artistic glass chandelier designed to decorate large spaces, such as hotels’ halls and restaurants, but also large housing projects; it is the perfect lighting work to characterize minimal spaces.

With Marimba, the design lighting reaches its highest point: each element contributes to the creation of glares, reflections and gleamings in the surrounding space and on the glass surface.

This effect is enhanced by the multitude of little bubbles inside the glass. The metal ceiling structure completes this lamp, conferring a final touch of brightness to the entire composition. Marimba is not simply a design lighting work, it is also a jewel-like decoration whose magnificence and preciousness is significant even when the lights are turned off. Marimba is a lamp that shines on its own.

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