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  • Heritage

    Heritage is a lighting work that re-elaborates the tradition in modern terms.

  • Heritage

    The glass elements are embellished with textures that amplify the glares on the surfaces.

  • Heritage

    A line of lights have been placed on the lower part of the oval structure, to obtain a direct and diffused lighting.

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The design glass chandelier Heritage, as its name says, is a lighting work that harks back to in the tradition, but at the same time it is projected towards the future. Heritage is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation. Traditional are the wheel-shaped structure of the chandelier and the blown glass elements, such as the cups; while more innovative is the arrangement of these elements and of the LED lights.

These are placed both on the upper and on the lower part of the oval brass structure, inside the cups and the drop-shaped elements. This allows to obtain a diffused lighting in the surrounding space. The metal structure is a fine carpentry work, it is laser cut and the joints and the connections are invisible.

The blown glass chandeliers collection Heritage is embellished with large glass elements decorated with the “rigamenà” technique. This texture amplifies the glares on the glass surface and creates a beautiful contrast with the polish metal surface of the oval.

This modern lighting work is hanged on the ceiling with thin wires and clips to adjust the height. This is a collection with a strong identity, perfect to enlighten and decorate the most contemporary spaces.

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