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  • Blossom

    A truly unique lighting work, that moves away from the classic venetian chandelier to embrace the decorations typical of the Murano glass objects.

  • Blossom

    The peculiar delicate shape of the cups is what characterizes this lighting work.

  • Blossom

    Blossom is available in two versions: crystal glass with black and white decorations or multicolor.

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The glass wall light Blossom is a truly unique lighting work. Blossom moves away from the shapes of the traditional venetian chandelier to embrace the techniques and the decorations typical of the Murano glass objects.

In this case, realising a lamp has been only an excuse to create a piece of art, made with passion an creativity by our masters glass-worker. This is an object that not only enlighten spaces, but also decorate them.

Thanks to its shapes and the techniques used to decorate the glass, Blossom is a lively, colourful collection, suit for many different contemporary spaces. The structure is neutral, without any ornament, the dynamism given by the decorative elements fixed on the structure.

On the rectangular structure some blown glass twisted arms have been fixed, these are lively elements that animate the surrounding space. At the end of the arms there are the handcrafted cups, whose delicate shape reminds that of a flower corolla.

The peculiar characteristic of Blossom is precisely the shape of the handmade cups, that confer some freshness to the whole composition. The crystal glass lamp Blossom is available in crystal glass or in a multicolor version, and it can be customised in many different sizes.






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