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  • Planet

    An ironic and yet elegant composition, made of geometric shapes.

  • Planet

    The spheres are made using different decorative techniques.

  • Planet

    The light, passing through the spheres, creates a multitude of glares and reflections.

  1. Planet
  2. Planet
  3. Planet


The modern design wall lamp Planet has a structure made of geometrical shapes. Planet is a rather simple lighting work, with one single light. The structure is in nickel, and a plissè fabric lampshade covers the light bulb.

The peculiarity of this lamp are the decorations: some blown glass spheres have been decorated with different techniques (such as the “baloton”, the “rigadin”, …) and then they have been positioned asymetrically along the metal stick, thus creating some dynamism in the whole composition.

The source of light is positioned above the spheres, so that the light can pass through them and create beautiful glares on the glass surface. This is an elegant lighting work, made with high quality materials and refined techniques, but at the same time it is an ironic composition.

Planet can be widely customised, by choosing the colour of the glass spheres and of the lampshade. Also the size can be customised: the number of the spheres can be chosen according to the designer’s needs.

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