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  • Girasole

    The protagonist of this collection is the sunflower.

  • Girasole

    The gold architecture is combined with the warm colours of the flowers, the entire structure is embellished with green details.

  • Girasole

    An original decoration, the ideal solution for the most innovative projects.

  1. Girasole
  2. Girasole
  3. Girasole


Girasole, as Rosae Rosarum and Iris, is one of our three collections inspired from the flowers. But the venetian chandelier series Girasole is also a tribute to the history of art, and in particular to the famous painting by the dutch painter Van Gogh.

This is a lighting work characterized by spontaneity and originality, whose absolute protagonist is the sunflower. A spontaneous and simple flower, the sunflower is not much used to decorate Murano glass chandeliers, and that’s why this is a unique collection.

From the heart of the chandelier a number of stems spread out, at the end of them a glass sunflower has been attached. Tiny decorations that resemble some vegetal elements complete the chandelier and confer a certain dynamicism to the whole structure.

The colours exalt the uniqueness of this chandelier: the golden tone of the structure is combined with the warm tones of the flowers, the whole structure is embellished with green and amber details. If the rose used in Rosae Rosarum is a classic flower, here the sunflower is a more unusual choice, perfect for innovative projects.

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