Lighting and Objects Catalogues

It is possible to see the updated digital version of our lighting catalogues, accessories and drinking glasses catalogues by registering on MULTIFORME®. By downloading our lighting catalogues you will explore all our collections and lines of chandeliers, discover our artistic glass accessories and fall in love with the colors of the Venetian “Goti” (drinking glasses).


In the LIGHTING catalogue you will find the great classic chandeliers of the Venetian art from the TIMELESS collection and we will show you where the tradition of the blown glass art meets the modern design as in the PROGRESSIVE collection. Only precious materials and high-quality finishes are used to create our luxury chandeliers.


The CRYSTAL catalogue will fascinate you with the reflections and the brightness of our crystal creations. You will see the quality and types of the crystals, used not only for the classic crystal chandeliers but also for hanging lamps, ceiling fixtures, wall lights with a modern design. There is a wide choice of colors, materials and finishes available for the structures of your crystal chandelier.


We dedicate the OBJECTS-1 catalogue to the tradition of the decorative accessories in Venetian blown glass. A wide selection of great Murano glass classics, handmade using materials and techniques of the artisan tradition: murrine, rods, macie, avventurina and glass skillfully manufactured by our glass masters, that make unique art works! Complex hand-crafted manufacturing techniques create simple forms, unique and highly decorative objects to dress and enhance your home.


The GOto catalogue shows you the techniques, fantasy and colors combinations that the glass masters use to make these objects, that are nowadays symbols of their handmade art and Venetian glass tradition. Choose among the Venetian MULTIFORME® goti (drinking glasses) and jugs collections, unique products with the precious artisan value and the quality of an art work, entirely handmade in Italy.


The Murano glass venetian MIRRORS are furnishing accessories characterized by the magnificence typical of the classic venetian style objects. Our catalogue collects some Murano glass wall mirrors and table mirrors, rigorously handcrafted with high quality materials, in full compliance with the venetian glass art.