Moca Design

Monica Cattaneo, designer, attended the “Ecole Bleue” in Paris and she obtained the grade of “Bachelor in “Design d’espaces” learning a multidisciplinary approach to the design world, never losing sight the quality of project and an attitude to a never ending search.

In 2000 she founded an interior decoration and design studio in Milan, “cinque vie” district, along with her actual husband, Franco Garavaglia.

She mainly takes care about interior projects for private residences, doing her best in a refinate, out of time style, rich of vintage vibes but always contemporary.

Monica and Franco also produce furniture, lighting and accessories, highly customized for each project.

Along with Multiforme, she realized some important projects for private residences in Milan, and since then our collaboration involved in designing some chandeliers and a real new Work In Progress line of products.


B&L MULTIFORME® by Moca Design

B&L is a chandelier characterised by a contemporary and elegant design which, at the same time, presents elements recalling the Middle-European 20th century style. A chandelier destined to retain its charm over time.

The precious mouth-blown glass spheres composing this lighting product are completely handmade by skilled glass masters and enclose the light source which also enhances the fine glass details.

Hexigo MULTIFORME® by Moca Design

The chandelier, created in partnership with MOCA design studio, is a sophisticated lighting product characterized by an original and rigorous structure.

From the central column depart five levels of arms that create a refined and dynamic architecture and which allow a different perception of the product according to the observation angle.