Modern glass chandeliers

Ancient glass working techniques meet the taste for modern design to give life to Murano glass lighting solutions with an innovative flavour. The Progressive line of chandeliers is the result of this duality translated into search for new forms, creative ferment and a desire to dare.

Modern luxury chandeliers, also designed for large rooms, that play with the imagination and innovation of more traditional forms.

Many of our modern glass chandeliers were born as a response to particular design and furnishing requests from customers, later becoming larger collections with a strong personality.

Modern chandeliers with dynamic, sophisticated and unconventional light shapes. Works of light that scenographically construct space with modular, versatile structures that also allow for large outsizes and customised sizes.


The Progressive line does not want to set itself any limits in terms of shape or size. Each chandelier is just the beginning of a project that must continue to grow and transform. We offer you endless customisation possibilities for shapes and colours, different glass processing and special finishes on request.

At Multiforme, handcrafted products are created every day, made of craftsmanship, material and passion. For us, this is everyday life, nourished by continuous commitment and creativity. Works that are sometimes imposing, sometimes poetic, but always characterised by intense technical and creative research.


We specialise in custom and bespoke lighting solutions and have certifications for international projects.

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