Venetian glass ceiling lamp

The glass ceiling lamp Skyline is a truly glass sculpture. For this lighting work MULTIFORME has chosen to adopt an unusual prospective to create a refined product. Skyline is a ceiling lamp, but it can also be manufactured in the suspension version. Thanks to its particular structure, Skyline can cover wide sections of the ceiling, therefore it is the ideal solution for large projects. The concept here is quite simple: a series of tubular elements of different sizes have been randomly fixed on the structure; inside these tubular elements there are the light bulbs.


Quality craftsmanship in different glassmaking techniques

The quality of this lighting work lies on the techniques used and on the attention to details in the assembly of the various parts. As in all the collections MULTIFORME, the handcrafted glass decorations are extremely valuable. Each glass element is handmade, some dynamism is given by the dents on the tubular elements. Also the different heights of the tubular elements contribute to the dynamism of the whole structure. The glass elements are coloured in both transparent and opaque tones. Skyline is the perfect lamp to decorate and lighten different spaces connected one another.


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