Murano Glass Objects

vases, 'goti' glasses, mirrors


MULTIFORME’s Objects collection includes all the Murano glass objects we produce in our furnace. The ancient art of Venetian glassmaking has developed over the course of time along different paths; one of these is that of objects: blown glass vases and plates, bottles, basins… artistic glass objects are highly prized and decorative furnishing accessories.

But the vases, plates, conches and bottles that populate the Objects catalogue are not only objects of high decorative value; the quality of the technical execution goes hand in hand with the aesthetic quality: the production of these blown glass objects requires a perfect knowledge of manufacturing techniques and impeccable workmanship; the result is Murano glass plates and vases that stand out for their quality and originality.

The Murano glassware collections featured in Objects represent just a selection from the infinite creative potential offered by glass processing techniques: glass rods, zanfirico, murrine and avventurina allow the creation of ever new decorative motifs, geometries and textures on the glass surface.

The works in the Objects catalogue make it possible to give personality and character to any type of environment, whether classic or modern, with fine objects, completely handmade. Each one is a unique work, different from all the others. A series of objects made using ancient glassmaking techniques, put at the service of the master glassmaker’s creativity.


We wanted to dedicate an entire catalogue to our Murano glassware collection, the Venetian Goths. Among blown glass objects, goti are among the most versatile, standing out for their originality and lively patterns and colours.

Unique pieces, each one different from the next, Murano glass goblets are true works of art that are the result of combining the prestigious techniques of glassmaking with the creativity and inventiveness of master glassmakers.

Goths are a product of humble origins: initially they were made to be used by the master and the square, to quench their thirst during breaks from work in the furnace. With time, making these blown glass glasses became a pretext to show off all one’s inventiveness: the combinations of colours, textures, geometries and decorative motifs are almost infinite, the collections in the catalogue are a demonstration of this.

Murrine, filigree, glass rods, macie, gold and silver leaf… glass processing techniques are combined to create original objects with which to liven up the everyday table or make a special event unique.

As with the Objects collections, aesthetic value is combined with high technical value in the Gotos: each Goto is mouth-blown, so they are unique products, always different from each other; an added value that only art glass objects can boast.


Our mirror catalogue completes the range of art glass products made by our furnace. The catalogue includes a series of Venetian mirrors and mirrors with glass frames and decorative engravings: a collection of timelessly charming works, linked to a prestigious, centuries-old tradition.

The mirror catalogue includes mirrors in various formats, sizes and models, both wall and table-mounted. Not only that, the catalogue also includes some wall lamps, with one or two lights, equipped with a mirror.

Each of these Venetian mirrors is made entirely by hand by skilled artisans, using traditional techniques; each step requires skill and impeccable workmanship. The glass outline is hand-carved, as are the glass parts and the decorative engravings on the mirror surface, which are made by hand using a grinding wheel.

Venetian mirrors are classic furnishing accessories. Their timeless beauty makes them perfect for furnishing any type of interior: they can be combined with classic as well as minimalist furnishings, playing with the contrast between different styles. Venetian mirrors are also the ideal complement to our chandeliers in the Timeless collection: we also make mirrors and mirror boxes to match our light works, as well as large mirrors for contract projects. The mirrors in the catalogue can be customised in glass colour, shape and decorative details.


We specialise in custom and bespoke lighting solutions and have certifications for international projects.

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