Avventurina glass vases

A collection of avventurina glass vases, bottles and plates, decorated with intersected glass canes; Avventurino is a collection of glass works with a timeless appeal.

With this collection, we want to celebrate an ancient venetian technique, the avventurina. This is a fine vitreous paste, it is enriched with thiny copper particles, and for this reason is a glittering vitreous paste.

The classic colour of the avventurina is a brown-copper shade, other colours available are green and blue. Avventurino is one of the most complete collections of objects in our catalogue, it includes vases, plates and bottles of various shapes and sizes; all the works of this collection are characterized by spiral glass canes.

The aesthetic value of the Avventurino collection goes hand in hand with the quality of the manufacturing: each object is completely handmade by skilled masters. These are glass objects of great decorative impact, perfect to stand alone as single pieces or to be placed alongside other glass objects.

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