Hand blown vases

Bombo is a collection of hand blown vases, decorated using various techniques.

The collection is composed of a series of vases characterized by a peculiar curved shape and a narrow mouth, these are available in many sizes.

The surface of the vases is entirely covered by abundant decorative patterns. The techniques used to create the patterns are those typical of the Murano tradition: murrine, glass canes, zanfirico, reticello, avventurina. The glass base on which the decorative patterns are blended is transparent, this lends a peculiar delicacy to these objects, even to the largest ones; the decorations are tone on tone.

The vases of the Bombo collection are perfect to be placed in monochrome settings, this would emphasize their vivid colours. Bombo is a collectible series, it is perfect to decorate both private and public settings.

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