Large Murano glass vases

Cocchi is a collection of large Murano glass vases. Each vase is decorated with a combination of different techniques, including murrine, reticello, glass canes and avventurina.

This collection of vases is characterized by elongated, sinuous and elegant shapes; but their standingout characteristic is the luxurious decorative pattern. This is obtained thanks to the combination of various techniques: the master combines together murrine, avventurina, reticello and glass canes to create an abstract decorative pattern, and then he blends it with the vitreous mass.

The vitreous mass on which the decorations are blended is trasparent, this allows to emphasize the decorative motifs. The decorations are tone on tone, but the colours can be customised on request. Cocchi are unique objects, completely handmade by expert masters, that would stand out in any setting.

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