Murano glass centerpiece

Incalmo, Murano glass centerpiece made of topaz glass and filigrana.

This collection is named after the technique used to create the plate: “incalmo” is a technique that consists of the combination of glass of different colours. In particular, the decorative pattern is obtained using a double incalmo: a band of topaz glass has been inserted between two bands of filigrana glass.

The incalmo technique requires a flawless execution; to create an object like this centerpiece, the master must be precise and fast. Incalmo is a refined and elegant plate, it is also a versatile object: it can be use as a centerpiece, it can be used to decorate any setting, also, it is a perfect gift idea.

The plate in the catalogue is made using topaz glass and blue and trasparent filigrana, but it can also be made using other colours, within the limits given by the technique itself. Incalmo is a unique object with a high decorative value.

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