Murano glass goblets

MULTIFORME has designed two collections – Milady and Milord – that celebrate the famous Murano glass goblets, known as “tipetti”.

Milady is a modern collection of goblets: it is characterized by innovative shapes and decorative motifs, but at the same time it doesn’t renounce to the high quality of the traditional manufacturing techniques.

Each one of these goblets have a specific shape and peculiar decorative motifs, but they have in common the same colour combinations: a clear glass background with decorations in opaque vitreous paste and avventurina.

The collection includes two sets, each one is composed of 6 pieces, that can be collected or acquired as single pieces.

The “tipetti” goblets are traditional blown glassworks; the Milady collection revisits that tradition from a modern viewpoint. These goblets are perfect for modern and minimalist settings.

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