Marino, venetian artistic glass vases

Decoration with large murrine enriched with avventurina; handcrafted blown glass vases.

The Marino collection includes a series of venetian artistic glass vases with a cylindrical shape, decorated with murrine and avventurina. In these vases, an underwater world emerges on the glass surface, colours and shapes of marine creatures fluctuate on a deep blue and green base. Large colourful murrine, enriched with avventurina, stand out against the dark vitreous mass. Marino is a collection with a high artisan value: each vase is completely handmade by a skilled master glass-worker. The quality of the collection is not only aesthetical, but it lies also on the uniqueness of each vase: they are one of a kind products, veritable works of art. In the catalogue, Marino is presented in two versions: colourful or black/white. It is possible to customise the collection on request.
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