Venetian Glass Mirrors Collection

Decorative venetian wall mirror, wooden hand-cut structure with a curvilinear shape. The decorations in this model are quite simple: the mirror is surrounded by an artistic glass frame, but the surface has not been engraved.

This is one of the most versatile model in our catalogue: the classic crystal and gold leaf colours confer to the mirror a classic taste; a more modern taste can be obtained by choosing more intense and lively glass colours.

The peculiarity of this model is the shape of the structure, the mirror has been deprived of the overabundant decorations that cover the traditional models. Some simple and yet refined venetian glass decorations have been placed along the frame, these are blown glass flowers fixed on the frame with nails with glass head.

As the other products in our Mirror catalogue, this venetian mirror can be customised on demand: colours, sizes and decorations can be choosen according to the customer’s needs and taste.

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