Venetian Glass Mirrors Collection

Thanks to their elegance and refinement, the venetian mirrors are still today an appreciated decorative object. This is the case also for this rectangular decorative wall mirror.

In our Mirror catalogue you can find a series of products inspired from the typical venetian style of the XVIIIth. While other mirrors in this catalogue have been proposed with classic colours, this mirror has instead been decorated using contrasting colours.

The mirror has a rectangular elongated shape, and it is embellished with a large crown element engraved with luxurious decorations. Glass twisted canes and floral etchings cover almost the entire surface of the mirror.

The peculiarity of this model are the artistic glass flower, standingout decorations thanks to their bright blue colour, in contrast with the mirror surface and the gold leaf glass canes. This is a classic and yet lively decorative product, that can be customised by choosing among a wide range of colours, thus adapting the mirror to different spaces.

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