Venetian Glass Mirrors Collection

This venetian etched mirror is an extremely refined and elegant venetian mirror, it is inspired by the antique venetian mirrors of the XVIIIth. It is a mirror with an elaborated shape, abundant decorations cover almost the entire mirrored surface.

The octagonal shape of the mirror is enriched with an upper and a lower panel with an elaborated shape; a double frame surrounds the octagonal mirror. All the borders are decorated with twisted glass canes and embellished with handcrafted flowers and leaves. Other decorations are the floral etchings on the upper and lower panel.

Thanks to the crystal colour of the glass and the brightness of the mirror surface, this can be consider a veritable jewel-like piece of art, with luxurious decorations completely handcrafted. All the mirrors in our catalogue can be customised on request, they can also match our lighting works from the Timeless catalogue.

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